Pizza with the MSOE

To kick off MSOE Finals Week, we at Ian’s Pizza–along with the Greek Council at MSOE–provided the student body with 87 pizzas. (That’s a lot of pizza! Close to 700 slices!)

This is something that the Greek Council does every year to help students get ready for their rigorous finals schedule. The pizza is free, so all students have to do is wait in line, get tickets and then they can go from table to table. Each table is run by a different fraternity/sorority, and offers a variety of pizzas, including Mac n’ Cheese, Smokey the Bandit, Chicken Penne Alfredo, and the ever-reliable Cheese and Pepperoni, as well as many of our other delicious flavors.

It was rather refreshing to see the Greek Council do this for all of the students in order to give them a relaxing evening and good food before they did not see the light of day for a week. Everyone seemed to appreciate it, since about 400-450 students waited in line to enjoy the pizza before they hit those books. Hopefully a little pizza helped everyone get through their finals with excellent grades, and we are looking forward to seeing them all come back after the break to start their next trimester!

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