Puppy of the Month

What can we say, we love pizza, salad, craft beer, the lakes in Madison, a good bike path, and dogs, among other things. That list is in no particular order, but dogs are probably close to the top.

A big part of the culture here at Ian's is being involved in the local community and trying to give back to our community whenever possible. So when we started making our own Puppy Chow (yes, it's called Puppy Chow but it's human food) we reached out to the Dane County Humane Society to see how we could lend a hand!

What we came up with was an amazing program to try to help out some amazing animals in need of forever homes. Each month we receive the name and information of a puppy in need of adoption from the Dane County Humane Society's animal shelter. We display this information near our Puppy Chow in-store and for every bag of Puppy Chow that is purchased that month, we donate a portion of those sales to helping find that dog a home.

Through this great program, we've proudly helped numerous Dane County dogs find the loving homes they deserve. If you'd like to find out more information about how you can help out the DCHS, or are looking for any resources about adopting a dog, please visit their website at giveshelter.org or stop by their main shelter at 5132 Voges Road. We're happy to have such a great partner in the Madison area who does so much for these great future pets.


May Puppy of the Month!

Brandy is the Jane Fonda of senior dogs! Don’t let her age fool you. She loves walks – the longer, the better! Walks just bring her so much happiness, and she is no slow walker, at that. You will find that you will need to keep up with this gal when going for a walk. Walking is serious business! Brandy can be an independent kind of dog, who minds her own business. In the foster home where she was here at DCHS, she got along with the 4 cats, and even shared her dog bed with them! Her next favorite thing to do is to take in scents ever so diligently. She could sniff for hours – however, not on walks.

Are you looking for a terrific, sweet and lovable dog who is young at heart and who will be the best of company? Consider Brandy!

Available for adoption at DCHS main shelter (5132 Voges Road) For more information, please visit www.givehshelter.org



  1. We LOVE our Diva. She is quite the character. Thank you to DCHS and Basset Buddy rescue for fostering her. Thanks also to IANs pizza for spotlighting these girls on the puppy of the month poster. Diva is now with us, in her furever home!

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