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Try Our Reuben Slice 2.0

Local Beef is the Best Beef

It’s safe to say that May is a pretty great month. Whether you’re graduating from college, starting that new job, celebrating warmer weather, or our personal favorite, enjoying National Beef Month, there’s always something to be excited about. This year, Ian’s Pizza is kicking this beloved holiday up a notch with a new and improved monthly flavor: the Reuben Slice. Huh? Corned beef on pizza? Yep, you heard that right.

We aren’t strangers to sustainability, and our process of making corned beef is no different. When we buy a cow, absolutely no part of the animal goes to waste. Mother Nature thinks that’s pretty cool and hey, so do we. If the local beef doesn’t top one of our incredible pizzas, we sell it as well as other parts to our employees at a fair price. We even use leftover bones to make flavorful stocks for other Ian’s recipes. Sourcing local beef allows us to keep local farmers, employees, and most importantly, our customers, happy.

Cure Your Corned-Beef Cravings

Created from the brisket, or the cow’s chest area, our mad food scientists create homemade corned beef that might possibly be the best you’ve ever had. No, seriously. The brisket cures for about 10 days in a salt-and-spice solution until it’s ready to be boiled, thinly sliced and devoured. This fool-proof process ensures happy hearts and happy tummies. Combined with 1000 Island dressing, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, these flavors will explode like a party in your mouth. You’ll probably want more than one piece, and that’s okay. We don’t judge.

This specialty slice is a long-time favorite, so you probably recognize it from previous visits. But we decided to kick things up a notch by designing our own recipe and making our corned beef in-house. This specialty slice will be available at both our Madison and Milwaukee-area locations throughout the month of May, so get it while it’s hot. Suddenly, you’re going to wish every month were National Beef Month.


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