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Eating Healthy Doesn’t Mean Eating Boring!

Gone are the days of only eating carrots and celery to look and feel your best. Just because you are trying to eat healthier in 2019 doesn’t mean you can only eat boring foods. At Ian’s Pizza, not only do we serve some of the best pizza in town, but we also take pride in crafting some of the best salads in town as well. Rest assured that when we say salads, we aren’t talking about simple romaine topped with the dressing of your choice. We offer four signature salads, two rotating seasonal salads, and a build your own salad bar with over 30 fresh and local ingredients!

Signature Salads

  • Southwest Salad with romaine, corn, bean medley, tortilla strips, pepper jack and green chile ranch.
  • Caesar Salad with two organic eggs, croutons, shaved parmesan and creamy caesar dressing.
  • Wisco Salad with mixed greens, dried cranberries, apples, bacon, bleu cheese and maple balsamic.
  • Greek Salad with romaine, olives, artichokes, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, and white balsamic and herb vinaigrette.

Seasonal Salads

Our head chef relies on local farmers to find inspiration for our seasonal salads. They are anything but average! Check in to see what we have available!

Salad Bar

If you can think of an ingredient you like in your salad, chances are, we have it! From veggies and fruits to proteins, cheeses, and dressings, we have it all. Apples, garbanzo beans, green olives, mushrooms, red onion, artichokes, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts and more! For protein, we offer ham, spicy pecans, hard boiled eggs, tofu, bacon, grilled chicken, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. Make sure to top your salad with the cheese and dressing of your choice; cheese options include feta, gorgonzola, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella, cheddar, and more. Dressing options include green chile ranch, maple balsamic vinaigrette, parmesan peppercorn, and other seasonal dressing.

At Ian’s Pizza, we make eating healthy easy! Stop in today to try one of our amazing salads that will make you enjoy healthy eating again!

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