Smokey and Mac Are Heading West!

Lo! The expedition of Smokey and Mac has found a Mesopotamia fit for the noble endeavors of the United Plates of Ian’s Pizza. In our adventures westward, trudging through the formidable winds of Wyoming and through the humbling Cascades, two passionate pizza’penuers, in search of slice, artistry, and the pursuit of cheesiness, have landed in Seattle and have begun the cultivation of Ian’s Pizza on the Hill!

Upon arrival, the land and infrastructure of the urban jungle present ideal conditions for pizza proliferation. The streets abound with markets, overlooking the bays and mountains, nestled in side streets, and at the heart of settlements; the local produce is plentiful and will prove to be a faithful ally in our conquest for deliciousness. In addition, the rivers, bays, and lakes overflow with prawns, salmon, trout, and cod fit for our needs. But alas, not only is the land fertile for our labour, but fruitful for our eyes! The rains, though intermittent, fuel wildflower growth that colors the mountains that tower over the hills upon which we’ve landed.

As for the natives, they are a peculiar bunch, to say the least. Their lives are entrenched in art, color, and uniquities the likes of which are unparalleled elsewhere; it shows in the way the dress, the way they speak, and the way they build! Murals expand on the outside of their meeting halls, colors cover their streets, and a tower like a needle plunges toward space! They are industrious, interesting, embracing, and most importantly, always hungry for adventure and jubilance–a hunger that we are confident we may satiate quite literally.

In short, we, the company of Mac and Smokey, have fallen in love with the land of Seattle, and have settled at 1620 Broadway to begin our noble but ambitious pursuit of pizza brilliance. A journal of our exploits can be read here on Facebook. We are overfilled with excitement that we will be feeding this city, coming Autumn 2015!

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  1. this is the best news ive heard in a long time! I’m a transplant from chicago, a ’07 UW alum, a long-time ian’s fan, and have had the HARDEST TIME finding GOOD Pizza in Seattle. That red sauce just isnt right anywhere… and I have been longing for that mac&cheese- Welcome to Seattle, Ian’s! – cannot wait to visit you!

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