Spring Break Tips

Spring Break is just around the corner! You know the deal: students need a break from professors, professors need a break from students, and everybody in general just needs a break. Students flock south to be intoxicated for a week in warmer weather and genuinely forget their classes. Professors spend the week at home with their families forgetting about grading papers and exams. And the rest of the people, well, unfortunately they continue to work. But don’t worry, Ian’s has a plan for everyone and we’ll be open before, during, and after Spring Break whatever your break/non-break may look like.

Here are just a few reasons Ian’s Pizza should be your Spring Break choice no matter what.

1. For those heading south: Salads, duh!  Get that Spring Break bod started long before you’re stumbling in the sand trying to look cool and not spill your drink.

2. For the people staying home: Feel you’re missing out on the adventures of Spring Breaks past? You can’t get more adventurous than our pizzas — you know we won’t hesitate to throw anything on a pizza. Game on!

3. For the ones returning hungover as all get out: We’ve been told pizza is the best hangover cure (obviously, uh, none of our staff can vouch for that…).

4. For everyone else: Rumor has it the GM of Frances Street is filling the basement with sand and spending Spring Break there. I hear it’s open invitation…

Whatever your situation, Spring Break only comes once a year so be sure to spend it the best way possible. And remember that every situation can be better by just adding pizza. To help you remember this, we have one last equation for you to study before break (and be warned, this will be on the quiz):

No work + Pizza = Best Spring Break EVER!

Work + Pizza = Best Spring Non-Break EVER!

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