Still Shining, Onward and Upward!

In the following article, Justin Reinders, General Manager of Ian’s Pizza Denver, reflects on the past and looks to the future.

2014 was really exciting for Ian’s Pizza Denver, but we are already looking forward to 2015 with even more optimism. I couldn’t have imagined the kind of success we’ve achieved so far here in Denver, and for this success to come so early on. We have a very loyal following of regulars who bring a smile to my face every time I see them walk in the door. So many of our employees are on first-name basis with our patrons, and they give the best customer service around.

We are now at the point where some of our original hires are moving into bigger roles and this is also very exciting for us. We believe in fostering the development of our employees, both personally and professionally.  We want everyone to achieve their goals and dreams and we try to do whatever we can to help them do so.  We’ve worked tirelessly to make this the best pizza place in Denver, and we will continue to make ourselves better each and every day.

When looking forward to this coming year, we will be bringing so many new things into the fold. We are starting to roll out Weekly and Monthly slice specials, which will amaze and wow the denizens of Denver even more than we already have. Our Customer of the Month program just started, and we have already named our first winner — Congrats Lucky, you deserve it!  The 14’er club has been a great success, and Travis, our Marketing Guru, has been doing a great job coming up with contests for employees and customers alike. We’ve formed partnerships with other local businesses, including Grassroots California, whose flagship store is right around the corner from us.  Look out for a new lid coming soon!

It has been all the hard work I could have imagined and more — it’s no easy task to open any restaurant, let alone a concept no one in Denver has heard about.  But the welcome we have received has been so warm, thanks for all the love!

The sun is still shining down on us in Denver, and the future will only continue to get brighter.

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