The Pizza Proposal

While behind the counter at Ian’s we have seen plenty of romances blossom, and we know that our restaurants have played a part in many a Madisonian’s love life. Recently, however, one of our mac n’ cheese pizzas got a starring role in a proposal that all started because of a dropped slice.

We’ll let Arielle Bolly, the bride-to-be, tell the whole story:

In the winter of 2013, Scott and I met at Ian's Pizza on Frances Street in Madison. We were with a group of friend and didn't really say much to each other in line until I dropped my mac n’ cheese slice while walking away from the cash register. I was super disappointed, as I had just spent the last of my cash on that slice. Scott helped me clean up the fallen mess and then offered to buy me a new slice. The only problem was, that was the last of the mac n’ cheese pizza. So, instead he got two slices of pepperoni pizza and the conversation followed. Scott and I have been inseparable ever since.

At the time, I was a single mother and Scott was a student at UW-Madison. Over the past two years, Scott has gone from not knowing anything about kids to turning my daughter into a total and complete daddy's girl! On Wednesday, September 21, Scott called me on my way home from work and said that he had gotten a pizza for dinner. When I arrived home, my daughter, Eva, greeted me at the door and said that they had a surprise for me. I saw the flowers on the table and the lit candles all over our home but didn't think much of it as Scott usually gets me flowers several times every month. I then turned the light on in the dining room and saw the mac n’ cheese pizza with the message, "Will U Marry Me?" (he even remembered what type I dropped!). I turned around and Scott was on one knee. He started his big proposal speech, however my excitement got the best of me and I tackled him to the floor, telling him, "Of course!" Eva then ran over to us and put the ring that they picked out together on my finger. The three of us then watched kids’ movies together and ate the pizza that will always be a reminder to us of where it all started. We don't have a date set yet for the wedding but are hoping to have it locally in Madison next summer.

Ah, if only every dropped slice had such a happy ending! Congratulations to Arielle and Scott – and if you need any pizza and salad for your rehearsal dinner, you know where to find us!


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