Tips for Summer in Madison

Summer Tips & Tricks for Summer in Madison

Ian’s Pizza wants you to live your best summer, this summer in Madison. So in addition to stopping by frequently for your pizza fix, check out these tips and tricks from our staff

Float your boat.

While some of us Madisonians may not be hearty enough to brave the (occasional) algae floats in Mendota for a swim, there are other ways to get out on the water. Renting kayaks or canoes at Memorial Union or Brittingham Boats is a must-do according to Ian’s most seasoned summer employees. There are few things more rejuvenating that basking in the sunshine while you enjoy the Madison skyline from its best vantage point—the middle of Lake Mendota.

Get your disc on.

Another Ian’s summer favorite? Spending the day at one of Madison’s disc golf courses. (And don’t even think about calling it frolf!). Our favorite circular object is a pizza, of course, but Frisbees come in a close second. Grab your discs, your friends and get out there!

Breakfast. Pizza.

You heard it here first! Biscuits and gravy on pizza. Huevos rancheros on pizza. Denver Omelette. On pizza. This is not a drool-worthy daydream that you’re having while you sit in your cubicle in the summer heat. It’s our actual breakfast menu at Ian’s Pizza on State Street! Every Saturday morning from 8am ‘till 11am, we’re serving up these delicious slices and many more, along with coffee, juice, and other breakfast delicacies. So if you’re meandering towards the farmers market, or just looking for a little post-Friday-night recovery food, we’ll be here to satisfy all your breakfast needs.

It’s the cyyyyyyyycle life!

(If you didn’t read that to the tune of Circle of Life from the Lion King, feel free to go back and read it again). But seriously, your bike is the best way to get around Madison in the summer. Forget the stifling-hot car and take to your wheels. The southwest bike path, the Arboretum, and the Monona Lake loop await! And you can definitely expect to pass some of your favorite Ian’s Pizza employees along the way.

Be the first in line.

One of the best things about summer in Madison, as you will have noticed by now, is that it’s all yours. No more waiting in line at The Double U, all the way past the Ruby Lounge. No more jostling in line for spring rolls at your favorite food cart. No more dense crowds on University Ave sidewalks during passing time. And, best of all, you can forget about the pesky Friday and Saturday night lines at Ian’s! Just step out of the bar and walk on in—Mac n’ Cheese and Smokey the Bandit await you, but you won’t have to wait long for them!  Don’t forget that side of ranch.

Live your best life – It’s summer in Madison

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