Vegan Pizza in Madison!

We’re more dedicated than ever to making sure everyone can walk into an Ian’s Pizza and find something they love. Yes, vegans, we’re talking to you, too! Going vegan is a foodie trend that’s here to stay. An increasing number of people are cutting animal products out of their diet for good, but that doesn’t mean their pizza should taste any less delicious. We’re hard at work making our vegan pizza in Madison better and more accessible than ever. So, how do we pull off such wizardry?

The Ingredients

You might be scratching your head in confusion right now. Pizza with no meat and no dairy? Yes, it can be done! First and foremost, the queso. We are in the land of Cheeseheads, after all! Ooey, gooey cheese is essential to the perfect pizza pie. So, how do we accommodate vegans? Daiya dairy-free cheese has been our go-to replacement for standard cheese on our vegan slices. And boy, let us tell you, we can hardly tell the difference! Some even say the Daiya cheese is even meltier and gooier than traditional cheese, with a slightly different, more distinct taste.

The cheese sits atop bases of vegan marinara, vegan cream and vegan pesto depending on the flavor you get.

Craving meat but living that #veganlife? We’ve got you covered: Walnut Sausage is going to be your new best friend. Our talented chefs have created the perfect meat dupe made from walnuts. Don’t be surprised when you realize it has the same crumbly texture that ground meat does. Plus, it’s extremely flavorful! Other vegan toppings include vegan pepperoni, vegan BBQ sauce, and vegan homemade ranch.

Get it While It’s Hot

Of course, you can call our Frances Street or State Street locations ahead of time whenever you’re craving some vegan Ian’s Pizza goodness. We’ve also started selling our vegan slices on Friday and Saturday from 5pm-8pm at both of our locations. Vegan Night is every Monday from 5pm-8pm at both our Frances Street and State Street locations. And if you want your pie made gluten-free, just ask! We’re more than happy to make a pizza on a 12” gluten free crust from Schroeter’s Bakeshop in Milwaukee.

Be bold. We challenge you to try a vegan pizza in Madison even if you’re not vegan!

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