Welcome to the Ian’s Pizza Arcade!

It’s Time for Do or Die

Your vision narrows and your palms sweat. You are so close to achieving your goal you can taste it! Just one more jump and you’ve done it. “Concentrate. Breathe,” you tell yourself as Donkey Kong continues to hurl his flaming barrels toward you. You slide your character to the left and jump. The barrel rolls past and you climb the ladder, freeing the princess from the foul beast. You’ve done it! You just accomplished something you can’t do in other restaurants in Milwaukee. You have the new high score on Donkey Kong in the Ian’s Pizza Arcade.

What’s Your Old-School Favorite?

There is nothing like a classic arcade game to get the blood flowing and that is why we transformed the upstairs dining room at our Juneau Ave store into the Ian’s Pizza Arcade. We have 16 classic arcade cabinets and they are all just 25 cents to play! Sure, you’ll find classics like Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Pac-Man, Centipede, Gauntlet, and Street Fighter but also some more obscure titles like, “Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja” and “Bump and Jump.” Challenge your friends or try to take down “ASJ,” who seems to hold the high score on every single game. Curse you “ASJ!” You will fall!

Show Us What You Got!

Think you have what it takes to post a new high score??? Come on down to the Ian’s Pizza Arcade! Located in the upstairs dining room at 146 E. Juneau Ave. Grab a slice and stay a while.


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