Why work for Ian’s ?

We get it — not many people dream of a career at a pizza restaurant! But what if that restaurant could give you the skills, character, and experience needed for a truly successful career in many future highly-demanding professions??

Ian’s is just that pizza restaurant. Read on to discover what you’ve been missing…

  1. Becoming a grown up isn’t cheap! Ian’s is happy to invest in superior employees who return the favor. We offer fully-paid health insurance premiums for any full-time employees, along with cell phone plan access, competitive wages, retirement plans, and bonus pay opportunities.

  1. We recognize we are in the education business as much as the pizza business. In addition to first-class training in great customer service and food knowledge beyond pizza, we offer ongoing training opportunities to improve leadership, financial knowledge, and operational skills — just to name a few.

  1. Looking to gain experience in your field? In addition to slinging slices, Ian’s depends on its employees to drive our marketing and social media presence, for setting and achieving our financial goals, and improving our store operations. Everyone on our staff has the opportunity to do way more than serve up pizza if they’re interested. Come learn and help us grow.

  1. Stability: We ain’t going nowhere…

  1. We value innovation and entrepreneurial drive. It’s in our values! We’re a group of driven business-minded people who happen to also be mad about pizza. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, learn how with us! We’ll share our knowledge on what great leadership requires through the principles of Open Book Finance, Servant Leadership, and some other seriously good stuff you might not have learned about in school.

  1. Freedom to be You and have fun doing it. Not only do we encourage our staff to be themselves, we expect it! Wear what you like, listen to your music, and have fun while working hard as we throw a great late-night party pretty much every day of the week.

  1. Broaden your horizons: Interact with a wide variety of co-workers and customers. Spend your days with business types, then work through the night with college kids. Great customer service is a skill that you can take anywhere in any field.

  1. We prioritize internal growth! We’re constantly on the lookout for great leaders. This means we invest tons of time and energy into creating great leaders within our stores. Join us and get on track to gain real hands-on leadership experience. Whether your goal is to own a fleet of Ian’s Pizza locations or legitimately improve that resume for your next life mission, we’ll help to make you successful while you’re with us and for years beyond.

  1. Advance quickly: We like people with passion and who want to make a difference. And we’ll reward them.

  1. We invest in our community. Yes, we’re passionate about pizza and great customer service, but that’s not where it ends. The Ian’s community is complex — foodies, musicians, disc golfers, artists, environmentalists, chicken-wing aficionados — and we love to support them all! Whether it’s through an open mic night, company compost program, or disc golf tournament, the Ian’s family supports you ON and OFF the clock.

  1. Growth: Want to move to a new city? We likely have our eyes on it.

  1. The Pizza. Seriously, it’s so good.

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