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Imagine it’s 2030…

Ian’s Pizza is a nation-wide coalition of independently owned, employee-led restaurants.

Our shared set of values and people-centric mission unite us.

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Diverse voices lead us.

Diversity, both who we are, and how we do things makes us an important part of our communities.

Today, 30% of our management team are from historically underrepresented groups.

Half of our locations are in residential neighborhoods.

Now, we sell more non- pizza products than ever.

More people who operate Ian’s, own Ian’s.

We made it to our ultimate goal: all our owners support company growth and benefit from it. Our people drive this growth.

Since 2020, we have doubled the number of employees who also hold ownership stakes.

Everyone at Ian’s has career development opportunities.

Our people develop their skills in Ian’s professional development classes and mentoring program.

Our commitment to professional development strengthens the fabric of our company and helps our people thrive.

Today there are many, clear paths to career opportunities at Ian’s Pizza. Our managers’ document their career goals; we review them often.

Ian’s offers support to leaders with ownership goals. Our team guides them on a streamlined path to ownership and financial help.

We connect and collaborate more often.

We’re better at staying connected to each other, utilizing our collective resources.

In 2021, we created an Operations Group of staff dedicated to solving problems and improving operations.

The group’s ideas lead to exciting new products and ways of working.

We solve problems together across the business. When a location needs help, we all rally behind them.

We are leaders in improving service industry compensation.

Over the past decade, we’ve been more efficient and profitable. Ian’s Pizza has a combined revenue of $35 Million.

Revenue Per Employee (RPE) is at an all time high, and profit margins range from 12-20%.

Strong financials allow us to pay industry leading wages and fuel our profit sharing program.

We are stewards of our planet’s natural resources.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve reduced food waste to preserve the environment and save money.

We’ve partnered with environmental organizations and university programs to support their research.

Ian’s supports students working to create a sustainable future.

We connect with customers in meaningful, new ways.

The gains aren’t just financial. New technology tools create space for us to personalize our customer service.

We take pride in the human connection we have with our customers, and the memories we create for them every day.

Our food quality is better each year.

Excellent execution is our culture norm.

Today, we make all our vegan ‘meat’ products in-house from whole foods. The success of the makers of these products led us to sell Ian’s vegan ‘meats’ to the public.

Ian’s cult-followers can’t wait for our next original, ethnic-inspired sauce or spice blend.

We shape our culture to promote hope and manufacture positivity.

Hope and positivity sound cheesy, but they work. Employee mental health is a priority.

We recognize mental health as vitally important to our individual well-being.

Working with outside partners, we make resources available for staff who need support.

Employee happiness is a measurable part of our bottom line.

We offer more flexibility to fit a wider range of staff lifestyles.

Ian’s employees have better work-life balance because of flexible scheduling.

We satisfy our customers’ late-night cravings and better balance employees’ life schedule needs.

We are proud of our choice to work at Ian’s.

The majority of our staff say working for Ian’s Pizza was a career move.

Because we share common values, and put people first, employees feel part of the Ian’s community.

Others recognize our local impact and want to join us because of our actions.

United We Slice!

  • Nick Martin

    Managing Partner Ian’s Pizza Madison

  • Ryan Donovan

    Managing Partner Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee

  • Ryan Flohr

    Managing Partner Ian’s Pizza Seattle

  • Sarah Karls

    Chief Executive Officer Ian’s Soul Central

  • Lexy Frautschy

    Chairperson Ian’s United

  • Rob Haugen

    Founder Ian’s United

  • Ian Gurfield

    Founder Ian’s United

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