Request a Donation

Request a Donation

Ian’s values doing right by our people, community, and planet. We’re grateful to be in a position where we can give back to the communities that support us.

Ian’s Pizza donation request process

  1. Fill out our donation request form.
  2. We’ll review your donation request. If it is a good fit, we’ll offer you a donation and details.

Ian’s Passion Causes

  • Local musicians and artists
  • Environmental sustainability efforts
  • Children’s programs
  • Student Organizations

Example Donations

  • Up to three freshly-made pizzas to feed your group
  • Free Slice Cards or Gift Card for your raffle/silent auction
  • Invitation to host a Dough-Nation Night Fundraiser in Madison with Ian’s

Common donation questions

Can you donate lots of pizza for my event?

No, because we’ve chosen to offer more, smaller donations so we can spread the love around to hundreds of groups so many types of groups receive donations.

How far in advance of my event do I need to request a donation from Ian’s?

We REQUIRE a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice to coordinate your donation. We RECOMMEND scheduling much sooner in advance as our calendar fills up quickly.

How often can a group request a donation?

Each group is eligible to request a donation every 12 months.

Can we re-sell your pizza for charity?

No, that’s against our food safety policies. We can’t give pizza if we know you’re going to re-sell it.

Host a Donation Night Fundraiser with Ian’s in Madison, Wisconsin

If your group is located in Madison, consider hosting a Donation Night Fundraiser.

Request a Donation