About Ian’s Pizza


About Ian’s Pizza

Picture it: Madison, WI. Halloween Night. 2001. You’re jamming in your Saturn to the new J.Lo album, and your friend tells you about a new pizza shop opening up today. Mac n’ cheese pizza… What the heck is that?!  

Cut to 2024, we have 8 restaurants total between Madison, Milwaukee, and Seattle. Pies are flying out of our ovens for lunch crowds, dinner rushes, and late-night munchies.

We prioritize our people and communities, recognizing that without them, we’re nothing! Between the collaborations with local nonprofits and our career opportunities and benefits, we are constantly working on living up to our goal of being the People’s Pizza

An Ian’s Pizza Vision for 2030

We know a strong vision for our future will unite our efforts, shape our culture, and improve the communities we exist in.

Read our 2030 Vision to see how you fit into our grand plans.