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We’re looking to fill all roles. Check out Ian’s open positions, everyone from prep and pizza cooks to delivery drivers and front-of-house pizza slingers.

Open positions by city:

Madison | Milwaukee | Seattle

Hear it from the people

Ian’s Pizza has built an eclectic culture of friendly, hardworking, and unforgettable pizzaheads. Working for Ian’s Pizza is more than just a job to make ends meet. It’s a fulfilling, inclusive experience where you’ll learn about yourself, your community, and how to make an impact—with pizza.

”Deliciosa pizza y trabajo en equipo!”

Carlos, Ian’s Cook

“Ian’s supports my professional & personal goals.”

August, Ian’s GM

“I can express my personal style!”

Haley, Ian’s Shift Lead

“I feel like I’m family here :)”

Wyatt, Ian’s Shift Lead

“Kick-a** co-workers, flexible scheduling, and tasty pizza!”

Amy, Ian’s Delivery Driver

“Why not? Fast pace, fun people!”

Zeni, Ian’s Shift Lead

“Ian’s people really care about each other.”

Casey, Ian’s GM

“At Ian’s, everyone is welcoming and kind.”

Nash, Ian’s Cook & FOH

Employee perks and benefits

Here are some of the perks of working at Ian’s Pizza:

  • Competitive wages
  • Twice-yearly bonus pools based on profit
  • Health care for full-time employees
  • Retirement savings plan with a match for full-time employees
  • A company that strives to live by its values
  • The chance for you to define your own success
  • No uniforms
  • So. Much. Pizza!

Ian’s supports leaders with ownership goals.

In our nearly 20-year history, almost every higher up has started as an Ian’s Pizza employee.

Secret Ingredient

Our peoples’ creative genius and personality push the boundaries of what pizza can be and mean to the communities we serve.

Employee compassion, ingenuity and leadership allow Ian’s to show up in a big way for the people we serve. If you’re ready to see how a group of stellar people use pizza to do good by their colleagues, community and the planet, step into our kitchen.

Open positions by city:

Madison | Milwaukee | Seattle