From wedding and graduation parties to business outings and neighborhood block parties, Ian’s Pizza on Location adapts our services to help bring your vision to life.

Below are some details to help you get started. Please reach out to our Catering Manager to set up a meeting so that we can understand your vision and best serve your event.


Catering Delivery is intended for events that require special planning, but no need for catering staff and ovens for on-site service. (Think late-night wedding pizza! Yum!). We’ll work with you to plan a menu appropriate for your event, then deliver fresh, hot pizza along with the extras required, like plates, sauces, napkins, etc. We will take care of delivery and setup on-site so your guests can serve themselves and party on!

Food Cost +6.1% Sales Tax + 15% Gratuity
We require credit card information when you place your order, but the payment will not be processed until the day of your event.

Full-Service Catering brings the complete Ian’s Pizza experience to you. We will set up, display, and serve all the pizza, side-sticks, and salad your guests can handle just as we do in the restaurant. We require access to the venue 3 hours prior to service time and will need to stay for 1 hour after serving for clean-up. For Full-Service Catering, please contact our Catering Manager to help plan an event that best fits your needs.

Labor Minimum $550 + 15% Gratuity (on total cost)
Labor cost will vary based on several factors including, but not limited to our time spent working with you to plan and prepare for your event, the length of service, including set up and clean up, as well as the number of required staff members. We require 1 staff member for every 25 guests with a minimum of 3 staff members.

Equipment Minimum $250
Full-Service Catering requires the use of our mobile electric ovens. The fee will be calculated based on the number of ovens needed. In general, we require 1 oven for every 75 guests.


We’re happy to coordinate with you at any location – but depending on your event, one of our Catering Partners may be the perfect spot for you! Check them out!!


Select 6-8 pizzas from our Classic & Signature Pizza menu.

RECOMMENDED AMOUNT: 7, 16” pizzas for every 25 people
POPULAR CHOICES: Mac n’ Cheese, Smokey the Bandit, Cheese, Pepperoni, Florentine, Buffalo Chicken

$3 per person. Salads are served Family-Style

Choose 1 Salad type from our Signature Salad Menu and up to 2 dressings.
POPULAR CHOICE: House Salad (a choice of greens with cucumbers, roasted grape tomatoes, carrots, cheddar, croutons). Served with Ian’s Famous Ranch or Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette.

$20 FOR EVERY 25 STICKS (Choose Regular or Vegan)
RECOMMENDED AMOUNT: 1 Side-Stick per person

Served with Ian’s Famous Ranch and Zesty Marinara

Puppy Chow – $2 bag
Churro Chow – $2 per bag (Vegan)

Both are home-made and gluten-free!

All food is subject to 6.1% sales tax and a 15% gratuity


Please email our Catering Manager at [email protected] for more information.