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We deliver in Milwaukee, Denver and Madison. Are you lucky enough to live in our delivery zone?

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Kalamata Mozzarella


A hall of fame for the best of the best, our Fanatics.

‘Dough-Nation’ Fundraisers in Madison!

Raise some "Dough" for your organization or non-profit!

Puppy of the Month

Meet our Puppy of the Month

It’s 2018, And Menus Are A-Changin’

Learn what's new to our 2018 menu!

2018 Menu Changes - Try the new Seasonal Salads

Big Games Call for Big Pizza!

Big Game Combo Deal!

Order a Big Game Combo

New Signature Slices!

Mac Madness Begins!

Mac Madness 2018

Get it Chopped!

You Want ‘Em, We Got ‘Em

Get It Chopped: Ian's Pizza Salads

Thanksgiving 2K17

Thanksgiving at Ian's Pizza

Thanksgiving Traditions

Try a Thanksgiving Slice 2017

Pay It Forward with Ian’s Pizza

Pay It Forward with Ian's Pizza

Best of the Best Weekly Specials 2017

Vote for the Best Weekly Specials of 2017

Grilling Pizza at Vitruvian Farms

Grilling Pizza at Vitruvian Farms


Ian's Pizza loves UW-Madison



Summer Tips & Tricks for Summer in Madison

Tips for Summer in Madison

Breakfast Pizza is at Ian’s on State

Set your alarms - Breakfast is back!

Breakfast Pizza at Ian's on State

Try Our Reuben Slice 2.0

Pizza specials featuring local beef

I ♥️ Ian’s Pizza

We're still looking for our Valentine. Will it be you?

Healthy Start to 2017

Ian's salads are perfect for a fresh start to the new year...

Frances Street Remodel

Store closing 12/24-1/13 for a minor facelift.

Frances St Remodel

Our Food Values

Food Values

Breakfast is Back!

Breakfast is Back! - Farmers' Market Saturdays from 8-11am!

New Year, New January Specials

Chili Cheese Frito - February special

Current Opportunities

We're always looking for quality people.

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November Pizza Specials

Thanksgiving Slice - November Pizza Special

February Specials

Seattle's February Special: Italian Meat Sandwich

December Pizza Specials

Chicken Cordon Bleu

March Mac Madness

Reuben Pizza Special